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Mirpurkhas is the South eastern city of Pakistan and Sindh Province. Its fertile and very popular for it mangoes. The city is built on or may be just beside an old Buddhist metropolis of 4th century AD. There are remains of an Stupa from 4th century near Mirpurkhas known as "Kahoo o Daro",  Mirpurkhas is only 70 Kilometers from Hyderabad and has a quint little bazaar which sells traditional garments and modern crockery etc.
The city also has a Satellite town which is considered a posh area. The city is considerably clean and has many places to hang around like Parks museum Tea shops and a very famous Fruit & Horticulture research Institute & Farm.
Most people speak Sindhi but there is a substantial number of Urdu Speaking New Shindhis or the immigrants from India, who came in 1947.

There are about 60% Muslims and 40% Hindus in the city & Surroundings

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