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Sahiwal  is a city in Punjab province of Pakistan. It is in the vicinity of the ancient Indus civilization city Harrappa (3300 BC - 2500 BC) In a way it can be called the Harrappa of today. Sahiwal is a busy city with houses made of red brick walls just like Harrappa. It is said Sahiwal is built on top of a large portion of the ancient Harrappan mound. Many of the streets and houses of the modern town are built directly above the ancient streets and houses of ancient Harappa.
In 1865 during the Raj times here was a small villaged on the Karachi-Lahore railway line. Tt was named Montgomery after Sir Robert Montgomery, whi later became Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab.
Sahiwal took its current name in 1966.It is the administrative centre of Sahiwal District and Sahiwal Division. The districts of Okara and Pakpattan are under Sahiwal division. Sahiwal lies approximately 180 km from the major city of Lahore. And it is the biggest city between Lahore and Multan. The population is 207,388 (1998 Pakistan Census). Sahiwal District is included in the former Multan Division and lies between 30-39 north latitude and 73-06 longitude. The city lies in the densely populated region between the Sutlej and Ravi rivers. Irrigation in the region is provided by the Bari Doab Canal system. The principal crops are wheat, cotton, tobacco, legumes, and oilseeds.
Cotton goods and lacquered woodwork are manufactured. About 18 miles Southwest of Sahiwal is Harappa, an ancient city of the world, oldest urban center of Harappan or Indus civilization in South Asia. About 28 miles (45 km) west of Sahiwal, at Kamalia, is the site of a Malli city captured by Alexander the Great in 325 bc. Pop. (1998) city, 207,388. The people of Sahiwal are known as Sahiwalians. This city got his name from the first inhibitors of this city the sahis (a jutt sub-tribe or cast).
Sahiwal to Lahore :
It takes about 4 - 5 hours the drive is thrugh the fertile planes of punjab. One can see the life of villages alsong the road and can also stop at a village to see the suger can balls being made or Just for a cup of tea.
Sahiwal to Multan :
Around 4 - 5 hours journey along the National highway

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