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If you are in Islamabad, a tour to Taxila is a must. Once the great centre of art and philosophy, Taxila is located some 35 kilometres north of Islamabad. One of the wonderful tourist destinations, Taxila is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Pakistan. Famous for its Buddhist heritage, Taxila is also popular for its Gandhara sculpture.
There are a number of spots in and around Taxila that you can visit. The statue of the Lord Buddha is what takes many by surprise. Like most statues of the Buddha world over, this one at Taxila is different. While you may have seen a Buddha with a face that exudes peace and extreme calm, this one with eyes wide open gazes you that you may like to close your eyes in awe.
You may come across other historical figures in Taxila, prominent among them are Alexander and Ashoka. In 327 BC, Alexander from Macedonia conquered Taxila, later it came under the Maurayan Empire and reached at its zenith during the reign of Ashoka.

It is an exciting experience to tour Taxila. The Gandhara sculptures are the prime attractions in Taxila. Taxila is like a book on the Buddha. There are a number of images and sculptures that depict Buddha in his different stage of life. There are three cities in Taxila that are great source of interest among tourists. These cities are well preserved in Taxila.
Apart from these cities, you can visit a number of monasteries that dot Taxila. Just two kilometres from Taxila Museum is Dharmarajika stupa, which is a must visit site in Taxila. The stupa consists of buildings and a monastery.
Jaulian and Mohra Moradu are two other important sites that you can visit on your tour to Taxila. You can also visit Jandial and Sirsukh.
A tour to Taxila is one's in a lifetime experience. There are a number of sites around Taxila you can visit.


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